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What's a studio and how do we use one? //// blip blip blip



Professor Neil Mulholland & Jake Watts
Shift/Work, ESW and ECA, The University of Edinburgh

6th Feb 2017
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Project Space, Leeds LS9 7EH, England


What’s a studio & how do we use one?

In conjunction with the No Working Title project: Inventory of Behaviors


A One Day Symposium

Monday 6th February     


In a climate of economic instability, and at a time when artistic practices are continuing to diversify, the symposium aims to explore a number of modes of studio practice. How does exposure to different models of the studio within art school impact on how artists use a studio upon graduation? How do studio groups differ in their support of artist’s practices? What is the relationship between artists and their assistants?

Speakers include a number of prominent art educators; studio groups from a range of different cities; artists and academics who will discuss the practices of artists who employ teams of assistants within their studios.



11.00 Martin Newth | Programme Director of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

11.20 Juan Cruz  | Dean of Fine Art, Royal College of Art


11.40 Neil Mulholland & Jake Watts | Shift/Work, Edinburgh College of Art & Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop


13.30 Adam Townend & Michaela Cullen |Serf, artists studios and project space, Leeds

13.50 Annie Carpenter & Taneesha Ahmed | Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester


14.10 Adam Phillips & Dawn Bothwell | The Northern Charter, artists studios and project space, Newcastle


15.30 Jenny Dunseath | Author of ‘Artist Boss: Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and issues of legacy in British Sculpture’

15.50 Phil Mayer | Ryan Gander’s studio manager

16.10 Jon Wood | Research Curator, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

16.50 No Working Title | Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd 

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